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Shrink & Your Bottom Dollar

Lets say that a calf weighs 650 pounds at the ranch. He will probably shrink form 2-5% on the trip to market. Now lets assume that the same calf is not handled properly at the auction.

Scenario 1: calf shrinks 8% (52 pounds) before sale – 598 pounds @ $114/cwt. – $681.72

Scenario 2: calf shrinks 6% (39 pounds) before sale – 611 pounds @ $113/cwt. – $690.43

Scenario 3: calf shrinks 4% (26 pounds) before sale – 624 pounds @ $112/cwt. – $698.88

Scenario 4: calf shrinks 2% (13 pounds) before sale – 637 pounds @ $111/cwt. – $707.07

Scenario 5: calf shrinks 0% (0 pounds) before sale – 650 pounds @ $110/cwt. – $715.00

How Southern Livestock Reduces Shrink

We offer an excellent onsite feed and water program that means less shrink and more PROFIT for you! We are not just selling beef, we are selling pounds!


  • We have a large number of pens where your livestock is kept separate from other cattle.
  • Our pens have troughs with clean water that your livestock can get to without interference.
  • Your cattle are feed daily by our full-time knowledgeable staff.

We Provide

  • Friendly service

  • Prompt payment

  • Easy handling of livestock

  • Licensed, bonded and insured

  • Cowboys, trucks and hauling available

Livestock Sale Order:

  1. Cow-Calf Pairs
  2. Stocker Cows
  3. Packer Cows
  4. Bulls
  5. Calves
  6. Yearlings

Commission Charges: 4%


We can come to your farm and purchase your cattle at a fair price. Nothing is more important to us than finding the best price available for your cattle. We can also assist you in finding the best replacement cattle for you herd.

Cattle Working

We will be glad to assist you with catching, vaccinating, ear tagging, and implementing measures to keep your herd healthy. We offer several options for those in need of herd management. If you don’t have the facilities or the time to work your cattle you purchase from our facilities, we can do it for you! Our knowledgeable staff enjoys helping you grow your herd the healthy and profitable way!

Farm Services

If you need help gathering, working, or hauling your cattle, we have the people and the equipment necessary to complete any cattle related task. No job is too big or small.


Please call Clay Floyd at 478-230-6996, Cody Copelan at 706-473-4757 or Dustin Miller at 478-278-4548 before sale day to arrange pick up of your cattle. No load is too small or too large.


Every Tuesday, we have a lineup of buyers all throughout the southeast attending the sale. This assures you that your cattle will bring top dollar. Southern Livestock has a tradition of delivering the best prices to cattle owners.

– Value Added Sales: We offer our producers the opportunity to market their cattle in special sales when certain value-added practices have been utilized. These practices can include health programs, optional feeding programs, weaning and individual identification. Most of the programs require castration of bulls: heifers guaranteed open and dehorned. The industry desires these value-added cattle and will pay premium.


We invite you to join us every Monday at 12:30 p.m. At Southern Livestock, you have the option buy and sell cattle one at a time, in herds, in groups or by the truck load.

Swainsboro Stockyard offers efficient, effective and transparent markets to both buyer and seller. We provide a marketplace for your cattle that fits your needs.

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Weekly Sale

Tuesdays @ 12:30 p.m.